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Map Collection

The Union County Records Center and Archives provides access to a number of historical maps online. The maps are taken from a variety of County offices and departments including the Union County Auditor, Engineer, Recorder, and Soil and Water Conservation District along with maps from other sources that are no longer copyright protected. These maps are provided to the public for research and educational use.

Microsoft Edge users, please note, that the maps in this collection will not download as focused or be able to be zoomed in on as clearly as in other web browsers.


Historical Map Collection Years
Atlases and County Plat Maps 1849-1928
County Highway Maps 1916-2017
Ditch Maps 1870-1993
Election Ward & Precinct Maps 1953-2011
Flood Insurance Rate Maps 1991-1991
Plat (Tax) Maps 1846-1994
Railroad Valuation Maps 1918-1932
Road Maps 1849-1940
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 1885-1946
School District Maps 1904-1909
Veterans Grave Maps 1775-1939
Village Subdivision Maps 1816-2020
Virginia Military Survey (VMS) Maps 1797-1848
Watershed Maps 1879-1955