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Road Maps (1849-1940)

Road_Map.jpg Originally, the process for laying out and creating county roads, consisted of citizens petitioning the Board of County Commissioners for the establishment of a road.  The Commissioners then appointed three individuals as viewers of the proposed route and also appointed a surveyor, usually the County Surveyor, to lay out the road.  The Commissioner also had supervisory powers over the improvement and maintenance of state roads that were laid out by the State Legislature.  In 1917, the County Surveyor, and starting in 1935 the County Engineer, was given the power to “supervise the construction, reconstruction, improvement, maintenance and repair of the highways, bridges and culverts under the jurisdiction of the county commissioners” and moving the power from the County Commissioners to the County Surveyor.  Currently, all maintenance, repair, widening, resurfacing, construction and reconstruction of county roads, bridges, culverts, and roadside ditches are the responsibility of the County Engineer.  This responsibility includes mowing, snow removal, and signage.  It also includes all the necessary engineering and administrative planning and support.
Road Year
Amrine-Mill Road (Vacation) 1939
Connor Road 1939
Cotton-Slash Road 1921
Dover-Pharisburg Road 1940
Fields Road 1931
Foreman Road 1872
Hale-Williams Road (Vacation) 1937
Kenton-Marysville Pike 1849
Leeper-Kinkade Road (Vacation) 1936
Marysville-Plain City Road 1936
Marysville-Richwood Pike 1849
McAdow Road 1936
Payne Road 1936
Pleasant Valley-Westford-Urbana Pike 1849
Staley-Sanderson Road 1919
Watkins-New California Road 1916
Wilson Road 1927
Zebold Road 1939