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Sheriff Records


 CASH BOOKS (1868-1995)   

 5 Volumes
 Arranged Chronologically  

 Ledger showing details of daily receipts.  Shows date, parties, by whom paid, amount, and date paid into the county treasury.  

  1.     Cash Book, Volume 1   (1868-1877)
  2.     Cash Book   (1881-1885)
  3.     Cash Book   (1886-1889)
  4.     Cash Book, Volume 2   (1928-1938)
  5.     Cash Book, Volume 13   (1983-1995)


10 Volumes
Arranged Chronologically by Receipt 

Contains a record of executions and attachments ordered by courts outside the county to satisfy judgments rendered against county residents showing judgment-debtor and creditor, county from which received, title and number of case, amount of judgment, date execution ordered and received by sheriff, description of property levied on, and sheriff’s fees.  May also contain a record of sheriff’s sales showing date, amount of sale, and purchaser.  

  1.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume A   (1838-1856)
  2.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 1   (1874-1885)
  3.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 2   (1885-1889)
  4.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 3   (1889-1896)
  5.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 4   (1896-1908)
  6.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 5   (1908-1921)
  7.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 6   (1921-1928)
  8.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 7   (1928-1935)
  9.     Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 8   (1935-1964)
10.   Foreign Execution Docket, Volume 9 (1964-2009)


 13 Volumes
 Arranged Chronologically by Date Summon Received  

 Contains a record of summons received by the sheriff from courts outside his county showing for each summons: county, court, plaintiff, defendant, title and number of case, and dates summons received, served, and returned.  

  1.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume A   (1844-1856)
  2.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume B   (1874-1886)
  3.     Sheriff's Appearance Docket, Volume 1   (1886-1887)
  4.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 2   (1889-1896)
  5.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 4   (1901-1904)
  6.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 5   (1905-1920)
  7.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 6   (1920-1926)
  8.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 7   (1926-1932)
  9.     Foreign Writ Docket, Volume 8   (1932-1956)
  10.     Foreign Summons Docket, Volume 9   (1956-1968)
  11.     Foreign Summons Docket, Volume 10   (1968-1977)
  12.     Foreign Summons Docket, Volume 11   (1978-1989)
  13.     Foreign Summons Docket, Volume 12   (1990-1993)

 INDEX TO JAIL REGISTER (1977-1982)   

1 Volume
Arranged Alphabetically  

Indexes jail registers showing for each: name, number, arresting jurisdiction, and recorded entries showing date, volume and page.  

  1.     Index to Jail Register, A to Z                         (1977-1982)

 JAIL REGISTERS (1874-2000)   

 12 Volumes
 Arranged Chronologically by Commitment  

 Contains a record of prisoners confined in the county jail showing for each: name, number, nativity, offense, commitment date, by what authority committed, term of confinement, and date of discharge.  

 On March 13, 1843, the General Assembly passed an act “for the regulation of County Jails.”  This act in section six required the sheriff to procure a “jail register.” The register was to contain the following:  

 First: The name of each prisoner, with the date and cause of his or her commitment;
 Second: The date and manner of his or her discharge
 Third: What sickness, if any, has prevailed in the jail during the year, and, if known, what were the causes of such disease;
 Fourth: Whether any, or what labor has been performed by the prisoners, and the value thereof;
 Fifth: The practice, observed during the year, of whitewashing and cleansing the occupied cells or apartments, and the times and seasons of so doing;
 Sixth: The habits of the prisoners as to personal cleanliness, diet and order;
 Seventh: The operation of rules and directions prescribed by the president judge;
 Eight: The means furnished prisoners of literary, moral and religious instruction, and of labor;
 Ninth: All other matters required by said rules, or, in the discretion of such sheriff deemed proper; that the said sheriff or other officer performing the duties of sheriff, shall carefully keep and preserve the said jail register in the office of the jailor of his proper county, and , at the expiration of   said office, shall deliver the same to his successor in office.  

This law remained on the books well into the Twentieth Century.  Currently the July 6, 1982, revision, O.R.C. 341.02, governs jail registers.  It simplifies the original and only requires the sheriff to maintain a record of “the name of each prisoner, and the date and cause of his commitment, “along with “the date and manner of his discharge.”  

  1.     Jail Register, Volume A  (1874-1893)
  2.     Jail Register, Volume B  (1881-1881)
  3.     Jail Register, Volume 1  (1893-1924)
  4.     Jail Register, Volume 2  (1924-1927)
  5.     Jail Register, Volume 3  (1927-1964)
  6.     Jail Register, Volume 4   (1964-1972)
  7.     Jail Register, Volume 5   (1972-1981)
  8.     Jail Register, Volume 6   (1981-1986)
  9.     Jail Register, Volume 7   (1986-1988)
  10.     Jail Register, Volume 8   (1988-1990)
  11.     Jail Register, Volume 9   (1990-1994)
12.   Jail Register, Volume 10 (1994-2000)


 1 Volume
 Arranged Chronologically  

 Contains a record of fees and costs due but unpaid showing date and amount, litigants, title and number of case, to whom costs charged, nature of service, and date paid.  

  1.     Record of Accrued Fees, Volume 1   (1907-1916)


8 Volumes
Arranged Chronologically  

Contains sheriff’s records on the sale of real property, showing for each property sold: newspaper advertisement, amount of sale, plaintiff, defendant, case number, total cost, and date prepared and may also contain purchaser and fees.  

  1.     Sheriff's Sales Journal, Volume A   (1889-1893)
  2.     Sheriff's Sales Journal, Volume B   (1893-1896)
  3.     Sheriff's Sales Journal, Volume C   (1896-1900)
  4.     Sheriff's Sales Journal, Volume D   (1901-1904)
  5.     Sheriff's Sales Journal, Volume E   (1905-1912)
  6.     Sheriff’s Sales Journal, Volume 1   (1937-1957)
  7.     Sheriff’s Sales Journal, Volume 2   (1958-1989)
  8.     Sheriff’s Sales Journal, Volume 3   (1989-1991)