Railroad Valuation Maps (1918-1932)
Railroad_Map.png On March 1, 1913, the United States Congress passed the Valuation Act of 1913.  It required the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to organize a Bureau of Valuation to administer a complete valuation of the real property and assets of every railroad in the United States.  The valuation was used as a basis for fixing freight and passenger rates on the railroads that would yield a reasonable profit to the railroads without them gouging customers at exorbitant rates.  On January 12, 1914, the ICC issued valuation order number 1, which contained the specifications for the preparation of maps and profiles to be filed with the Commission to support the valuation of railroad property.  The ICC and railroad engineers undertook the massive project to inventory almost every aspect of the United States railroad system.  The valuations were largely completed during the period of 1915 to 1920, but were periodically updated until the 1960s.
Railroad Valuation Maps Year
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company - Cincinnati Division 1932
Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company - Indianapolis Division 1927
Erie Railroad Company - Kent Division 1918
Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad Company - St. Marys Branch 1931
Toledo & Ohio Central Railroad Company - Western Division 1931