2024 Benefit Information

Coverage for Dependents

Benefit Elections, Changes, & Open Enrollment

Once they are made, benefit elections and/or waivers remain in effect throughout the rest of the calendar year unless there is a qualifying mid-year life event. When these “life events” occur, they must be processed in a timely manner, within 30 days of the event. For insurance purposes, the *life events that allow you to enroll or make insurance election changes outside the annual open enrollment period include the following:

  • Marriage/divorce
  • Birth/adoption of baby  
  • Dependent loses/gains access to insurance
  • Death of dependent

* Employees must provide documentation to substantiate qualifying life events. Examples of acceptable documentation include but are not limited to: copies of marriage certificates, birth certificates, adoption or other legal records for dependent children, etc. Documentation is also required when a mid-year change involves adding/dropping a dependent on the employee's insurance. If a dependent loses/gains access to benefits and the employee is seeking a mid-year benefit change, documentation of the loss/access to insurance must be submitted with the benefit request. Failure to provide supporting documentation will result in denial of the benefit request. See Dependent Verification Procedures for more information. 

Open Enrollment is held in the fall of each year, prior to the upcoming policy renewal that takes effect on January 1. Open enrollment is a time to evaluate your benefit options and make sure your elections are best suited to match your family's medical needs. Benefit elections are made through BenefitSolver, an online benefits platform. 

Supplemental Benefits

Union County provides a variety of supplemental benefits to enhance employee medical and insurance coverage. Employee may enroll in voluntary, supplemental benefits through a variety of insurance plans and programs. Voluntary benefits cover a variety of areas that you, as an employee, can pick and choose to meet your individual needs. Possible options include, but are not limited to: Critical Illness, Accident Plans, Short-Term Disability, as well as supplemental life and vision insurance offerings. Premiums for these voluntary plans are 100% employee paid. Enrollment is time sensitive for new employees with opportunities to enroll during Open Enrollment each year. 



All employees are enrolled in the Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS), which provides age and service retirement, disability benefit and survivor benefits programs to public employees throughout the state. To help employees prepare and save for retirement, Union County provides two 457 deferred compensation plans that employees may participate in - the Ohio County Employees Retirement Plan (OCERP) and the Ohio Deferred Compensation Program. You can enroll anytime by downloading enrollment paperwork online or calling the customer service or plan representative lines for assistance. See below for additional information about these programs.

Holiday Schedule