Union County, Ohio

Sheriff's Office

Message from Sheriff Patton:

As Sheriff of Union County, I would like to welcome you to the Union County Sheriff's Office website.  It is my hope this website will be a useful resource for the Citizens of Union County, as well as our friends worldwide.

The Office of Sheriff is unique among the Law Enforcement organizations.  The Sheriff is the only elected law enforcement official in the State of Ohio.  The Sheriff is elected/re-elected every four years.  This allows the Sheriff, their record and the way in which he/she operates their Office to be accountable to the Citizens and the voters of the county in which he/she serves.  It is the only remaining law enforcement position in the United States which is filled through the electoral process.

The Union County Sheriff's Office is made up of Six (6) divisions: Administrative, Communications, Court Services Investigations, Patrol and Support Divisions.  Please take time and visit each division by going to "Divisions - Sheriff's Office" found in the Sheriff's Office website menu.

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