Special Duty Detail


  It is with great pride that the deputies of the Union County Sheriff’s Office serve the citizens of Union County.  As a service to the community, the Sheriff’s Office may provide off duty deputies for hire in a special duty status for businesses, schools, churches, or private individuals. Special duty deputies are authorized to perform professional law enforcement services such as security or traffic control at events and functions.  

 All special duty details must be approved by the Sheriff or his designee. 


  To request a special duty deputy, please contact:  

   Barbara Sattler   

  Director of Administration  


  (937) 645-4100, ext. 4427  

   Christy Heckel   

  Administrative Assistant  


  (937) 645-4100, ext. 4430  


Requests for special duty deputies are received Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Please leave a voicemail message or send an email message, if either person listed above is unavailable to take your call.  If you need to place your request after normal business hours, please call (937) 645-4110 and speak to a dispatcher. 


For your convenience a special duty request form is available on the Union County Sheriff’s office website at www.unioncountyohio.gov/sheriff-forms.  Please complete the form and email it back to bsattler@unioncountyohio.gov .  We ask that you place your request at least two weeks prior to any special duty job, to allow us sufficient time to review and assign the detail.     



  Current Special Duty Rates:   

Deputies:$47.00 per hour with a three-hour minimum
$50.00 per hour for a supervisor
Cruiser Fee:$15.00 per hour running with lights
$15.00 per day parked with no lights

An invoice for the special duty detail will be sent to the requesting party as soon as the detail has been completed. When the special duty detail requires five (5) or more deputies to work at the same event or function at the same time, one of the deputies will be assigned as supervisor.  The supervisor rate will be plus three dollars ($3.00) per hour for such functions.  


If the special duty detail needs to be cancelled, a two-hour notice prior to the start of the job needs to be made to the Union County Sheriff’s Office.  Failure to provide proper notice will result in the requesting party being billed for three hours of “show up” time for each deputy scheduled to work.  To cancel a special duty detail, contact the Union County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center 24 hours a day at (937) 645-4110.     

  The Sheriff reserves the right to cancel a special duty detail at any time due to an emergency situation or whenever the job becomes a risk to the health and safety of the assigned deputy or to the public.  

Special Duty Request Form