Livestock Database

Livestock Database.jpg

The Union County Sheriff’s Office would like your help putting together an emergency contact list of livestock owners in Union County. Each year the Sheriff’s Office gets hundreds of calls regarding livestock that are in the roadway or loose in the area. This list is designed to assist Dispatchers and Deputies in locating livestock owners quickly and without incident.

The Sheriff’s Office strives to protect life and property but we need your help to minimize possible damages created by loose and wandering livestock.  The purpose of this outreach program is not to track the numbers, breeds or any information dealing with your livestock operation.  The goal is to get these animals back where they belong before they get hurt or a member of the public is injured in a crash.  As many of you know, an animal struck on the roadway can cause serious and even fatal crashes and create civil liability for the owners that could cost thousands of dollars. Help us contact you, so that your animals can be returned to your property as safely and as quickly as possible.

The Sheriff’s Office does not intend to publish your contact information or make it available on the Sheriff’s Office website. However, the information you provide for this emergency contact list is available as a public record, if someone would request it. If you would like to provide the Sheriff’s Office with your information, an emergency contact form is available at the Sheriff’s Office or you can also call the Sheriff’s Office Communication Center at 937-645-4110 and give the information to a dispatcher.