Senior Watch

smsenior1_1.jpg The Union County Sheriff's Office has created specific programs for the senior population.  The goal of Senior Watch is to provide a needed  service to the senior citizens in Union County by "checking up" on them.  The Senior Watch program is divided into two (2) options, the Senior Watch Call Program and the Senior Watch Visitation Program.  The calls and visits to Senior Watch participants reduce fear and promote individual safety and security.

Senior Watch Call Program

During an initial home visit with the Senior Watch Representative, you will complete an application and sign a consent form.  This information, which includes your name, address, phone number and the time(s) you wish to be called, will be programmed into the Computer in our Communications Division (9-1-1 Center).  The same information will be recorded for the person you choose to be your "key holder."

A Communications Dispatcher will call your home at the planned time to check on you.  If you are going to be away from home when your call is scheduled, PLEASE call the Communications Center at (937) 645-4110 and simply tell them not to call.  If you do not answer your call, the Communications Dispatcher will call you back in 10 minutes.  If there is still no answer, your "key holder" will be contacted with instructions to check on you.  If the Communications Dispatcher fails to make contact with your "key holder," paramedics and law enforcement officers will be dispatched to your home.

Answering your Senior Watch Call

You simply answer the phone as you normally would.
Let the Communications Dispatcher know how you are doing.

It's that simple!

You can go about your daily activities, certain that your call will come again the following day.  If you have questions about how Senior Watch works, please don't hesitate to call the Communications Center at (937) 645-4110.

Senior Watch Deputy Visits

If you choose this option, a Deputy will periodically stop by and check in on the program participant.  The visits will be brief and are intended to be un-intrusive.  Deputies will announce their presence and that they are just "stopping by" to check on the resident as a part of the Senior Watch Program.

senior watch brochure