Property Information

Below is a listing of the web-based tools available for property research in Union County. Each of the following tools contains a different type of information about property in Union County. Use this guide to find the appropriate tool to begin your property-related research.

  MAPS   - Browse a map of Union County and select properties or other data from the map.  You may need to temporarily disable web browser pop-up blockers (Yahoo toolbar, Google toolbar, etc.)

  Official Record   - Search and view legal documents from the County Recorder's Official Record.

  Parcel Search   - Search and view real estate/appraisal information, GIS/mapping, property tax information, building sketches, tax levy information, and general land information.
Please note that the "Where Your Taxes Go" screen is temporarily under repair.

  Survey Record   - Search indexes and view survey documents from the County Engineer's Survey Record.

  Subdivision Plats   - Search and view County Engineer and County Recorder subdivision plat documents.  Please note that NOT all subdivision plats are available online.  The original subdivision plats are filed at the County Recorders office.  Please contact the County Recorders office if you have any questions related to these records.