Conveyance Standards

Real Estate Conveyance Standards for Union County

Conveyance Fee: $4 per thousand

As of April 9, 2014, the Union County Auditor and Union County Engineer have completed the revision of the Union County Real Estate Conveyance Standards.  Public Hearings were held on February 19th and March 4th to review changes and receive comment. The new standards were adopted on May 1st, 2014. As of this date, these revised Real Estate Conveyance Standards have been adopted by the respective offices of the Union County Auditor, Engineer, and Recorder.

The final document is available on the County Auditor's or County Engineer's web page, or printed copies can be provided upon request by either office.  Changes and additions to the standards are noted on the left margins.

Click here  for a copy of the Real Estate Conveyance Standards.

Real Property Conveyance Form DTE 100

Real Property Conveyance Fee Exemption form-(DTE form-100EX) includes when additional documentation is required.pdf 

Major Use Codes for Conveyance Forms - State of Ohio designations for property use