General Accounting

General Accounting Duties:

  • Administration and Distribution of Tax Revenues
  • Accounting for all County Funds
  • Administration of County Payroll

The County Auditor is the chief fiscal officer of Union County. It is her responsibility to account for the almost 52 million dollars received each year by the County and to issue warrants (checks) in payment of all County obligations. This includes the distribution of tax dollars to Union County itself and to 14 townships, 4 villages, 2 cities, 8 school districts*, 4 vocational school districts, and 3 library systems as well as other County agencies. The Auditor's General Accounting Department is the watchdog over all County funds and maintains the official records of all receipts, disbursements and fund balances.

It is the Auditor's responsibility to serve as the paymaster for more than 475 County employees.

The Auditor also distributes motor vehicle license fees, gasoline taxes, estate taxes, fines, and local government funds in addition to real estate taxes.

*6 overlapping school districts