Union County Internet Improvement

We need your help to improve Internet access and service in Union County
 Internet Survey | Conducted by Union County and the Union County Broadband Team

Union County residents and businesses understand the growing need for affordable and reliable Internet access with better speeds. Whether you are engaged in remote learning, virtual doctor visits, home business, or work-from-home opportunities, all properties should have Internet accessibility which can handle the demands of multiple users and devices. Based on previous surveys and residential input, it is evident that not every Union County resident and business has reliable and affordable broadband Internet accessibility.

Several representatives of Union County organizations have formed a team which is participating in the Ohio Broadband Accelerator 2023 project, sponsored by BroadbandOhio state agency and The Ohio State University, with the goal of improving Internet accessibility in Union County and across Ohio. This process will take some time. Currently, the Union County team is collecting Internet service data which will be used to apply for Broadband related State and Federal grants as they become available.

This is where Union County’s local community can help. A survey has been prepared to collect data that will be very helpful when seeking future grants. The survey seeks to better understand where Internet access is available today, including speed and cost, and identify areas of the county with no or minimal Internet service. Through this survey, the Union County Broadband team can clearly identify those areas and share information in discussions with Internet service providers, community leaders, and others. Because it does take time to build out Internet infrastructure, the project leaders want to set appropriate expectations.

This survey will take 5-10 minutes to complete. As encouragement for your help, survey participants who complete the survey before January 15, 2024, will be entered into a drawing for 1 of 5 available $50 Chamber of Commerce gift certificates. Each address is limited to one entry into the drawing.

If you have Internet access at home or work in Union County, please complete the following survey to provide information about your current Internet service. Please note it is vital that you take the survey using your local Internet service, not through a cell phone or mobile hotspot or publicly available Wi-Fi:

Survey webpage link:  https://go.osu.edu/unioncountybb 

- OR use this QR Code to visit the survey webpage:

If you have any questions, please email us at ucbroadband@unioncountyohio.gov 

Thank You for your support!