Rural Broadband Internet Quality of Service Feedback Needed

Union County is currently seeking information from Union County's rural residents and those residing in Union County who have limited Internet service options.  We are currently gathering residential Internet quality of service information in order to help identify areas in Union County where broadband Internet service is lacking or in need of improvement.  This information will provide Union County with valuable supporting data when seeking rural broadband grant and other rural broadband funding opportunities as well as planning potential future projects to improve broadband Internet service for Union County's rural residents.

The State of Ohio recently published a broadband Internet quality of service map for Union County based on gathered Internet bandwidth speed test data. This map highlights many Union County areas in need of Internet service or improved Internet service.

Please select the below web link while connected to your residential broadband Internet service to conduct a Free broadband service speed test and obtain your Download (in Mbps) and Upload (in Mbps) speeds.  It is recommended that you conduct the broadband service speed test during the time of day and day of the week where you (and your family) would all typically be utilizing your residential broadband Internet service.  Once you have obtained your Download and Upload speeds (in Mbps), please fill in the below form fields and submit your information.  If you DO NOT HAVE ANY broadband Internet service provider options available at your residence, please proceed with filling in the below form info and place 0's in the Download and Upload form fields so that we may be made aware that your immediate area does not have any broadband Internet service options available.

Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test

If you have any questions, need assistance conducting the broadband Internet service speed test, or assistance completing the below form fields, please email us at .

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Union County Rural Broadband Committee

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(Input "None" if you currently do not have Internet service)