Case Deposits



4.01. On and after July 1, 2010, no Civil action or proceeding shall be accepted for filing by the Clerk unless the party, or parties, offering the same for filing shall have first deposited a sum of money to secure the payment of costs. If the costs are not paid at the termination of the litigation, any deposits for costs shall be applied by the Clerk to the unpaid costs. Except as otherwise provided by law, when applicable, such advance deposit will be determined by the Clerk of this Court and on April 1, 2023, shall be as follows: 

 A. $435.00 - All civil actions, counterclaims and cross claims not otherwise mentioned herein, plus $10.00 mandated by R.C. 2303.201. 

 B. $375.00 - Dissolutions without minor children. 

 C. $400.00 - Dissolutions with minor children. 

 D. $335.00 - For cognovit complaints from which a fee shall be taxed as costs and be paid to counsel for the defendant. 

 E. $450.00 - For divorce and alimony actions without children, and as much more, as in the judgment of the Clerk of this Court, the nature of the case and the circumstances require.  

 F. $560.00 - Divorce or alimony action with minor children. 

 G. The defendant, in the event a counterclaim in a divorce or alimony action is filed, shall deposit a sum of $100.00. 

 H. $485.00 - All post decree domestic relations motions. 

 I. $335.00 - Proceedings in Aid of Execution, Complaints to Vacate, Revise or Modify Judgment, or other relief. 

 J. $435.00 - Appeals from other tribunals. 

 K. $910.00 - Foreclosures.  $200.00 on cross/counter claims. 

 L. $180.00 - The party requesting a jury shall deposit the sum of $180.00 to cover one day's jury trial.   In the event jury trial is to continue for more than one day, the party requesting a jury trial will be required to deposit additional amounts daily to cover same. 

 M. $90.00 - Garnishment proceedings. 

 N. $500.00 - In the event a Guardian Ad Litem is requested in a Domestic Relations matter, at the time of making the request the party asking for the appointment shall deposit said sum, which shall only be a deposit toward payment of the total GAL fees. 

 O. $100.00 - A party requesting the issuance of 10 or more subpoenas for a hearing or a trial, whether by one document or by an accumulative number of documents, shall deposit a sum as shall be requested by the Clerk of this Court prior to issuance, but in no event shall the deposit be less than $100.00. 

 P. The Clerk of this Court shall collect as a part of court costs deposit, a fee for mediation services in the sum of $50.00 on each criminal cause, civil action or proceeding, or judgment by confession.   R.C. 2303.201(E)(1). 

 Q. The Clerk of this Court shall collect as a part of court costs deposit, a fee of $3.00 on the filing of each cause of action or appeal under divisions (A), (Q), and (U) of R.C. 2303.20, for computerization and legal research of the office of Common Pleas Judge.  R.C. 2303.201(A)(1). 

 R. The Clerk of this Court shall collect as a part of court costs deposit, a fee of $10.00 on the filing, docketing and endorsing of each certificate of judgment, or on the docketing and indexing of each aid in execution or petition to vacate, revive, or modify a judgment under divisions (A), (P), (Q), (T), and (U) of R.C. 2303.20, for the computerization of the office of Clerk of Courts.  R.C. 2303.201(B)(1). 

 S. The Clerk of this Court shall collect as a part of court costs deposit, a fee of $125.00 on the filing of each criminal cause, civil action or proceeding, excepting foreclosures, or judgment by confession, for and as a general special projects fund.  The fee collected shall be $500.00 in all foreclosure cases.   R.C. 2303.201(E)(1). 

 4.02. In lieu of cash deposit, costs may be secured by bond, with surety approved by the Clerk, provided that no member of the Bar shall be accepted as such surety. 

 4.03. If it is brought to the attention of the Court or the Clerk that any deposit becomes insufficient, the Clerk shall require said deposit to be increased from time to time, per R.C. 2323.31. 

 4.04. When a party makes an affidavit of inability to pay or secure costs as provided in R.C. 2323.31, the Clerk of Courts shall receive and file the complaint and subsequent filings, including 2 certified copies of judgment entry without such deposit or security. 

 4.05. Subject to the foregoing, all costs in dissolution, divorce, alimony and annulment cases must be paid before the final Entry is signed and filed, including any fees required for mediation, parenting class or for Guardian Ad Litem appointments and reports. 

 4.06. Subject to the foregoing, if any party requests service by publication, such party, in addition to the foregoing deposit for costs, shall arrange with the newspaper publisher for such publication, pay the costs thereof to the newspaper publisher, and direct the publisher to file proof of publication with the Clerk of Courts. Exception, see R.C. 2323.31. 

 For further information, reference is made to Union County Case No. 2023-MS-0040, dated the 28th day of March 2023.

$500.00 Guardian Ad Litem

The requesting party shall deposit $500.00 towards the payment of total GAL fees.

$30.00 Filing Certificate of Judgment

$5.00 Release Certificate of Judgment

$35.00 Releasing State of Ohio Certificate of Judgment

$50.00 Application to Seal a Criminal Record of Conviction

$0.00 Application to Seal a Dismissal of a Criminal Record

Rule 7.02C 

Written record checks may be requested of the Clerk, with the request accompanied by the name, social security number, and date of birth of the person about whom the record check is requested, together with a fee of $5.00.