Bond Guidelines

All Common Pleas Court bonds must be taken by the Clerk of Courts or her appointed deputy. 

Posting of bonds will only be accepted Monday through Friday 8:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. 

Video bond will be taken when the defendant is being held at the Tri-County Jail.  The process will begin with the surety or bondsman posting the bond in person at the Clerk of Courts Office.  The original bond will then be taken to the Tri-County Jail by the person who just posted the bond.  Tri-County will set the video time and the defendant will sign the bond via video camera in front of the Clerk or her appointed deputy.  At that time, the defendant may be released from jail.  

Surety Bond Agents must have a current Power of Attorney and Certificate of Authority on file in the Clerk of Courts Office. The Insurance Company must appear in the current year’s State of Ohio list of Insurance Companies Authorized to Transact Business.

Additional Bonding Agencies will be accepted upon presenting the proper documentation, in person, to the Union County Clerk of Courts Office in Marysville, Ohio