Union County Records Commission

The Union County Records Commission is established by Ohio Revised Code section 149.38.  The Commission includes a member of the Board of County Commissioners, Auditor, Clerk of Courts, Prosecuting Attorney, and the Recorder.  The Commission has appointed the Records Manager & Archivist to serve as its secretary.  The Commission is required to meet at least twice every year, but may meet anytime upon the call of the chairperson.  

The Union County Records Commission has assumed records commission functions for a number of special taxing districts, whose boundaries are "coextensive with the territorial limits" of the county.  This is allowed by Ohio Revised Code section 149.412(B) after the entity requests such a designation and the County Commissioners assent to the transfer of records commission responsibilities.  The Union County Records Commission serves at the records commission for the following special taxing districts: Council of Governments (COG), General Health District (Health Department), Joint Recreation District, Land Reutilization Corporation, Marysville-Union County Port Authority (MUCPA), Mental Health and Recovery Board and the Soil and Water Conservation District.  The Union County Records Commission in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration also provides guidance and advice to other political subdivisions in the county that are ineligible to be part of the County Records Commission.  

The functions of the County Records Commission is to provide rules for the retention and disposal of records of the county, and to review Applications for One-Time Disposal of Obsolete Records (RC-1) and Schedules of Records Retention and Disposition (RC-2) submitted by county offices.  The Commission, at any time, may review any schedule it has previously approved and may revise that schedule accordingly.  Members also strive to protect and safeguard the records created by county offices and/or departments for public access and for long-term preservation and maintenance.  




Board Policies Meeting Minutes of the Union County Records Commission
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