Licensing Your Dog


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The What, Why, When & Hows of Dog Licensing

A dog license is required for all dogs over 3 months of age per Ohio Revised Code 955. A dog's owner, keeper or harborer must get a license immediately upon acquiring a new dog.  You may get a license for a puppy when you bring them home at 8 weeks of age, but you aren't required to get that license until before the puppy reaches 12 weeks of age.  Dog licenses have been required by Ohio dog owners in all counties, cities, rural areas, suburbs, villages, developments, apartments, etc. since 1877 according to Ohio Revised Statutes.  Since 2013 there are now multi-year licenses including 3 year and permanent licenses for dogs.  The most common tag issued in Union County is still the one year dog license.  Kennel licenses are an option for businesses engaged in breeding and selling dogs for profit.  

Union County dog license fees:  

One year dog license is $18.

Three year dog licenses are $54.

Permanent non transferable dog license is $180.

Penalties for renewing after January 31st of the current year: $18


It's the LAW!  Failure to license your dog can result in penalties doubling the cost of your dog license and citations that cost more for one single violation than what it would cost for a permanent license for that dog.

Dog license monies go directly into the Dog and Kennel Fund which is solely used for funding the enforcement of Ohio Revised Code 955 and for housing and caring for the dogs that come into the shelter.  Dog license funds are also required to be used to pay for claims on livestock killed or injured by dogs as long as the farmer has their dogs licensed.

Dog license numbers are used by the Dog Warden, Emergency Management and the Health Departments to calculate needs in the event of a health emergency or a natural or man made disaster.  It's a census to help us determine how to serve our community.

Dog licenses are the best and least expensive insurance a dog owner can ever purchase.  Dog licenses are great identification.  By law, a Dog Warden is required to hold licensed dogs for a minimum of 14 days and to contact the owner of a dog wearing a dog license to report that their dog is safe in the shelter.  Unlicensed dogs can be adopted as strays after just 3 days.


The renewal period for licenses will start on December 1 and end on January 31 each year.  All licenses purchased after January 31st will include a $18 penalty.  Dog owners must purchase a license immediately upon acquiring a new dog. Puppies must be licensed by 3 months of age.  


Year round dog licenses can be purchased from the Union County Auditor at 233 W. Sixth Street, Marysville, Ohio 43040, the Union County Dog Warden, the Union County Humane Society at 16540 County Home Road, Marysville, Ohio or on the web at 

dog license application  can be printed and mailed in with applicable funds to:

Union County Auditor

233 W. Sixth St. 

Marysville, Ohio 43040