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We have images and indexes online from 1995 to current. Recently added: deed indexes grantor and grantee from 1875 to 1994, mortgage indexes grantor 1944 to 1994, and miscellaneous indexes grantor and grantee from 1960 to 1994. Our office falls under the “by other means” criteria which states “it is each office’s discretion as to how to make your records available and accessible. As long as copies of records that are not digitized are still accessible such as emailed, faxed, or mailed”. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at 937-645-3032 or by emailing us at . Thank You, Karen Riffle, Union County Recorder

 DISCLAIMER:  The Union County Recorder's Office makes every effort to update this information on a daily basis.  Property information is continually changing, therefore Union County Recorder's Office makes no expressed or implied warranty concerning the accuracy of this information.  Changes may be made to the Database at any time and without notice.  The Union County Recorder's office assumes no liability for damages, directly or indirectly, as a result or errors, omissions or possible discrepancies with regard to this information including, but not limited to indexing on title searches.

By accessing this database, I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Union County, the Union County Recorder's Office and its Employees from all claims, demands, actions, cause of action, suits, damage costs, injuries, fees, attorney fees and liability, as may be occasioned by the inclusion of inaccurate or incomplete property/financial information in this database.



Below you will find the index books for searching prior to 1995, please use our Official Records Search above for inquiries from 1995 to date and these index books for anything prior to 1995.

Deed Index Books
Deed Direct (Grantor) IndexDeed Reverse (Grantee) Index
Grantor Deeds, Volume 31875-1882Grantee Deeds, Volume 31875-1882
Grantor Deeds, Volume 4
(Not able to be Scanned)
1882-1893Grantee Deeds, Volume 41882-1893
Grantor Deeds, Volume 5
Grantor Deeds, Volume 6
1895-1905Grantee Deeds, Volume 5
Grantee Deeds, Volume 6
Grantor Deeds, Volume 71906-1911Grantee Deeds, Volume 71906-1911
Grantor Deeds, Volume 81912-1919Grantee Deeds, Volume 8
Grantee Deeds, Volume 9
Grantor Deeds, Volume 91920-1926
Grantor Deeds, Volume 10
Grantor Deeds, Volume 11
1927-1938Grantee Deeds, Volume 10
Grantee Deeds, Volume 11
Grantor Deeds, Volume 121938-1943Grantee Deeds, Volume 121938-1944
Grantor Deeds, Volume 131944-1949Grantee Deeds, Volume 131944-1949
Grantor Deeds, Volume 141950-1954Grantee Deeds, Volume 141949-1954
Grantor Deeds, Volume 15, A-D1955-1994Grantee Deeds, Volume 15, A-D1955-1994
Grantor Deeds, Volume 15, E-K1955-1994Grantee Deeds, Volume 15, E-K1955-1994
Grantor Deeds, Volume 15, L-R1955-1994Grantee Deeds, Volume 15, L-R1955-1994
Grantor Deeds, Volume 15, S-Z1955-1994Grantee Deeds, Volume 15, S-Z1955-1994
Mortgage Index Books
Mortgage Direct (Grantor) IndexMortgage Reverse (Grantee) Index
Grantor Mortgages, Volume 111944-1952Grantee Mortgages, Volume 111944-1952
Grantor Mortgages, Volume 12, A-D1952-1994Grantee Mortgages, Volume 12, A-D1952-1994
Grantor Mortgages, Volume 12, E-K1952-1994Grantee Mortgages, Volume 12, E-K1952-1994
Grantor Mortgages, Volume 12, L-R1952-1994Grantee Mortgages, Volume 12, L-R1952-1994
Grantor Mortgages, Volume 12, S-Z1952-1994Grantee Mortgages, Volume 12, S-Z1952-1994
Miscellaneous Index Books
Miscellaneous Direct (Grantor) IndexMiscellaneous Reverse (Grantee) Index
Grantor Miscellaneous Index1960-1994Grantee Miscellaneous Index1960-1994
Tax Exempt Transfers Index Book
Tax Exempt Transfers Index1820-2000

Plat Books
Plat Book, Volume 11850-1949Plat Book, Volume 31950-1967
Plat Book, Volume 21816-1896Subdivision Plats, Volumes 3A-61968-2020
Deed Records
Deed Record, Volume 152

Deed Record, Volume 160


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