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Airport Zoning

The Union County Engineer administers the Airport Zoning Regulations as adopted by the Union County Commissioners to ensure the safety of aircraft flying in the vicinity of the Union County Airport. The Airspace Zoning Map shows the areas or zones around the airport that are subject to these regulations.

In addition to the local permit, the applicant must also obtain permits from the FAA and ODOT Division of Aviation as explained in this  memo from the Ohio Board of Building Standards  .

Applicants are also recommended to review their plans with the Union County Airport Authority to see if other site considerations are a safety concern. For example, a stormwater pond could attract geese and cause a bird strike hazard.

Online Services

Apply for your airport zoning permit here. You can then use this service to make payments and track the progress of your application.

Union County Regulations

Union County Airport Zoning Regulations 
Union County Airport Airspace Zoning Map

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Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I know if I need a permit? 
 What other information do I need to include with my permit application? 
 How much will it cost?

How do I know if I need a permit?

A general rule of thumb would be that an Airport Zoning Permit may be required for structures that are 75 feet or greater in height in the horizontal or conical zones and 50 feet or greater if located in the approach zone. This includes temporary cranes that may be used during construction. The Union County Building Department can determine if an Airport Zoning Permit is needed.

What other information do I need to include with my permit application?

With your permit application, you need to include a site plan showing the proposed structures, top of building elevations and USGS elevations for the site. You also need to include information related to cranes or any water features, such as stormwater ponds, that will be part of the site development.

How much will it cost?

The cost for the Union County Airport Zoning Permit is as follows.

  • Residential: $70.70
  • Commercial: $72.10

Fees can be paid online or by check payable to Union County Building Department.