Domestic Relations

Heidi Tanner | Domestic Bailiff/Paralegal

  1.  Rules of Domestic Relations Division: Rule 18,  UCD1 (UCD1 PDF), Rule 30.03,  Rule 33  ,  Exhibit A  ,  Exhibit B  ,  Exhibit C  and  Exhibit D , Court of Common Pleas, Union County, Ohio. 
  2.  Forms Required For Domestic Relations Filings: 
    •  Information for Parenting Proceeding (R.C. 3127.23 formerly R.C. 3109.27) (  PDF  or  Word  Version); 
    •  Health Insurance Affidavit (  PDF  or  WORD  version); 
    •  Affidavit of Income, Expenses, and Financial Disclosure (  PDF  or  Word  ); and 
    •  Title IV-D Form. 
    •  Domestic Relations filings will not be accepted without including the above forms. 
  3.  Affidavit forms may be obtained by clicking on the links above, from the Union County  Common Pleas Court Clerk's Office located in the Basement of the Union County Courthouse, Marysville, or online at  
  4.  Dissolution forms may be obtained on the Supreme Court of Ohio website at:  or  
  5.  Hearings are scheduled for all Agreed Entries; both parties must be present at the hearing. 
  6.  Hearings are held on all Motions for Temporary Orders. 
  7.  Counsel and parties are expected to be in the Courtroom by the scheduled hearing time. 


 Please be aware that the forms referenced on this site do not include instructions or legal advice regarding your rights, responsibilities, and legal options. 

 To be fully informed and have your questions answered, you should seek the advice of an attorney.