Co-Parenting Class


Each parent involved in a divorce or dissolution proceeding with minor children must complete the Online Co-Parenting/Divorce class before their final hearingIf you have not completed the class by the time of your final hearing, it could delay the filing of your final Judgment Entry or affect certain Orders in your case.  If you do not have a computer or online device to complete the class, please use a public library. Union County recently transitioned from a mandatory in-person
Co-Parenting class. If you took the in-person class within the last year, you can file that certificate of completion in lieu of taking the online class. 

The fee for the class, paid online, is $49.99. If you are indigent, there is information about financial assistance for the class at the bottom of the introductory page of the website. The class can be accessed at:   
Select ‘Online Co-Parenting/Divorce Class’ (4 hours)

This class is the most widely recognized online co-parenting class used by family courts across the country. Online co-parenting/divorce classes are most effective prior to mediation. It is also helpful for those interested in improving personal skills and growing as a parent. Classes are intended to focus on your children and help them successfully transition during your divorce or separation. All parent education classes are designed to meet court-ordered co-parent education requirements. If you or your spouse is in the active military, there is an additional online class for military families free of charge when purchased with the mandatory class. If you have any issues with the program, please call 866-504-2883.

The online class includes the following units:

  • Unit 1 - How Co-Parenting Affects Family Dynamics
  • Unit 2 - The Impact of Changes in Family Structure on Children
  • Unit 3 - Avoid Common Parenting Mistakes
  • Unit 4 - Making Shared Parenting Work
  • Unit 5 - Co-Parent Mediation
  • Unit 6 - Designing a Parenting Plan

After you have completed the online class, you must print your Certificate of Completion and file it with the Clerk of Court’s office.