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Although the Ohio Constitution of 1802 provided that education should be encouraged everywhere in the state, the first law for the organization of public schools was not passed by the Ohio General Assembly until 1821.  This law provided for township initiative referendums on the question of dividing the township into school districts and levying taxes for the support of public schools.

During most of the nineteenth century, county government exercised an indirect but effective means of supervision over public schools.  In 1825, the Ohio General Assembly created within each county, a three member board of examiners of common schools.  The members were appointed by the judges of the court of common pleas.  In addition to certifying teachers for duty in county schools, they were to "give such advice relative to the discipline, mode of instruction, and management of said schools as they may think beneficial."  The board's power of direct supervision was repealed until 1935.  In 1838, the county auditor was made county superintendent of schools and in 1914 the county board of education was established.

Jerome High School, New California - c1920

In 1914, the general assembly reclassified school districts into city, village, rural, and county districts.  The county school district is composed of all village and rural districts.  A five member board of education, appointed by the presidents of the village and rural school districts, supervised the county district.  In 1921, the office of a member of the county board of education became elective.  The principal duties of the coordinating county board of education essentially have remained unchanged since 1914.  These duties include the appointment of a county superintendent of schools, the redistricting of school territory, the providing of transportation for pupils living more than two miles from a school house, and the annual certification to the county auditor of the number of teachers in and the funds apportioned to each rural and village school district.  In 1921, county boards of education were authorized to prescribe a minimum course of study for students.

Union County Board of Education

T.J. Dodge (1914-1918) Charles H. Smith (1943-1953)
Cone Howard (1914-1937) W.D. Wood (1944-1951)
O.S. Kibler (1914-1921) Bernard C. Gray (1948-1965)
J.E. Langstaff (1914-1916) Dana Gorton (1950-1981)
Philip Rupright (1914-1920) Claude Swartz (1952-1952)
Charles C. Wright (1917-1921) Herbert H. Coons (1952-1983)
J. Mason Curry (1918-1921) Perry Allen (1952-1963)
John L. Hamilton (1921-1927) Carroll W. Burroughs (1954-1963)
John Easton (1921-1923) Lee Schacherbauer (1963-1977)
C.O. Wiley (1922-1948) W.P. Drake (1964-1975)
E.C. Reed (1922-1938) George Weaver (1966-1989)
Jacob P. Sidle (1924-1943) Richard Ballinger (1976-1988)
J. Earl Curry (1928-1938) Verne E. Payne (1978-1992)
William E. Prickett (1937-1940) Thomas E. Zimmerman (1982-1992)
Perry S. Spain (1938-1942) Donald Crockett (1983-1992)
T.S. Sweeney (1939-1951) R. Gene Wiley (1988-1992)
Charles E. Moran (1940-1949) Jesse Conrad (1990-1992)

The Union County Board of Education was created in 1914 as mandated by state law.  The Board hired a superintendent for the county schools and continued to function until the Union County Board of Education was merged with the Delaware County Board of Education in 1992.  In 1995, the county boards of education were retooled into educational service centers.  In 2009, the educational service center serving Delaware and Union Counties was merged with the Franklin County Educational Service Center forming the Educational Service Center (ESC) of Central Ohio.  The ESC of Central Ohio serves 28 area school districts in central Ohio.

Union County Board of Education Superintendents

D.H. Sellers July 18, 1914 - July 6, 1921
J.A. Yealey July 20, 1921 - July 22, 1936
A.P. Russell August 1, 1936 - February 3, 1938
Gale W. Baldwin February 8, 1938 - July 31, 1956
Homer R. Fisher August 1, 1956 - August 31, 1967
Richard W. Slusher September 1, 1967 - July 31, 1976
James W. Wright August 1, 1976 - December 15, 1992


 Board of Education Meeting Minutes (1914-1992)