Forms and Applications

You will need Abode Acrobat Reader to view and print the forms. If you require any forms not listed here, refer to the Secretary of State’s website.

General Voter Forms

Voter Registration Form

Absentee Ballot Request Form

 Campaign Finance Forms 

30-D  Designation of Treasurer
30-A  Cover Page
31-A  Statement of Contributions Received
31-A-2  Statement of Other Income
31-E  Statement of Contributions Received at a Social or Fund Raising Event
31-G  Contributors in Officeholder’s Employ
31-B  Statement of Expenditures
31-F  Statement of Expenditures for Social or Fund Raising Event
31-C  Statement of Loans Received
31-N  Statement of Outstanding Debts
31-J-l  In-Kind Contributions Received
31-J-2  In-Kind Contributions Made
31-K  Statement of Loans Made
30-B-1  Contributions from a Corporation or Labor Organization Supporting or Opposing Ballot Issues
30-E  Independent Expenditures Made by Individuals, Partnerships or Other Entities
31-BB  Local Candidate Finance Report Waiver
30-D-1  Electronic Filing Registration

 Statewide and General Assembly Candidates Only 

31-P  Contribution for Debt Retirement
31-X  Statement of Assets