Election Day

Voting on Election Day

Where do I vote on Election Day?

You cast your ballot at the polling place designated to serve the precinct in which you reside. If you are in doubt as to the location of the polling place, click on    Polling Place Locator    or call the Union County Board of Elections at 937-642-2836. 

What's on the Ballot? 

Click  here  to see what's on your ballot?  

ID Requirements

Ohio law requires that every voter, upon appearing at the polling place to vote on Election Day, to announce his or her full name and current address and provide proof of the voter's identity. 

The forms of identification that may be used by a voter who appears at a polling place to vote on Election Day include: 

  • Ohio driver's license, state ID card, or interim ID form issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles ("BMV").
         This includes a commercial driver's license, motorcycle operator's license, probationary or restricted license, or temporary instruction permit.
         An interim identification form is a BMV document issued to a person who has just applied for a driver's license or state ID card, to use until the permanent card arrives in the mail;
  • U.S. passport or passport card; or
  • U.S. military ID card, Ohio National Guard ID card, or U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ID card (collectively referenced in the Directive as "military ID").
  • NOTE: A suspended driver's license that is not expired may still be used as photo identification for voting.

Voter's with Disabilities

Accessible Voting Locations 

In Ohio, voting locations must be made accessible for people with disabilities.  Under State and Federal law, voters with disabilities must be given the same opportunity for access and participation as any other voter.  You must also be able to vote privately and independently. 

Accessible Voting Equipment 

Every polling location in Ohio is required to have a voting machine that is accessible to individuals with disabilities.  These machines include features like audio ballots.  When you arrive at your polling location, please let the poll workers know if you would like to use the ADA compliant voting machines.