Candidate Information 

Please refer to the Secretary of State's website for Candidate Information:

  • Elections Calendar
  • Forms & Petitions
  • District Maps
  • Campaign Finance
  • Candidate Requirement Guide  .  The Candidate Requirement Guide has been compiled by the Secretary of State's Election Division to provide candidates with the basic information necessary to file for office.  Candidates are responsible for completing and filing a valid petition for the office sought, as well as knowing the provisions of law pertaining to their candidacies that are summarized in this guide.

The Candidate Requirement Guide will guide you through requirements for each specific office.  You may pick up petitions at the Board of Elections or you may download directly from the interactive Candidate Requirement Guide .

Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements

As a candidate for any of these elected offices, you are required by Ohio law to file a financial disclosure statement (FDS) annually with the  Ohio Ethics Commisssion  .

  • State elected offices
  • County elected offices
  • City elected offices
  • School district board of educations (district with more than 12,000 students)
  • ESC governing board member (ESC with more than 12,000 students)

Filing Fees

   Filing Fees   

  EOC     BOE   
  Office - Candidates     3513.10(A)     3513.10(B)     Total Fee   
  Statewide (Gov., AG, US Sen, etc.)    $100    $50    $150  
  Judge, Court of Appeals    $50    $30    $80  
  Judge, Common Pleas    $50    $30    $80  
  Judge, County Court    $50    $30    $80  
  Judge, Municipal Court    $50    $30    $80  
  District Office (US Rep and Gen Assb)    $50    $35    $85  
  County Office    $50    $30    $80  
  City Office    $20    $25    $45  
  Village Office    $10    $20    $30  
  Township Office    $10    $20    $30  
  State Board of Education    $20    $35    $55  
  Local, City or Exempted Village Board of Education or Educational Service Center Governing Board    $10    $20    $30  

  Petitions for Ballot Questions of Issue   
  $25    $25  
  County of Multi-County District  
  $15    $15  
  $12.50    $12.50  
  Village, Township, Local, City, or Exempted Village School District or Educationsl Service Center, a precint or Sub-county District  
  $10    $10  
  Local Options  
  $10    $10  

Filing Policy