Campaign Finance

Electronic Campaign Finance Filing

Candidates for local office are now able to file campaign finance statements electronically.  For instructions on how to create an account, file, and other necessary resources, please go to the Ohio Secretary of State's Learning Center.

(Local candidates include candidates for an office other that an statewide office, member of the General Assembly, or judge of a court of appeals.  Candidates for statewide office, members of the General Assembly, and judges of a court of appeals will continue to file with the Secretary of State's Office.)

BOE-File Login & Learning Center

BOE-File is an electronic filing tool for local campaign finance committees.  Committee treasurer's and deputy treasurer's will create an account within the system to manage committee(s) filings.

Local Committee Public Disclosure Search Site

Online public disclosure site:  search up to six years of committee data.

 Information on campaign finance is available through the Ohio Secretary of State's website.  The   Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook    contains information to assist candidates and/or committees for public office in filing Campaign Finance reports.

 In addition to these guides, there are several tools available here to assist you in your campaign. The   Ohio Secretary of State   provides numerous resources to assist in filing, personal financial disclosure reporting, and a search for campaign finance filings in Ohio. 

Form a Committee - How to Begin 

All candidates, political action committees, political parties, or political contributing entities who receive or spend money other than the filing fee must designate a treasurer to handle campaign related funds and expenses and to file the required reports.  The  Designation of Treasurer  form must be filed before any contributions are accepted or any expenditures are made. 


For full instructions and additional filing requirements, see the  Secretary of State's website  .

Semi-Annual Reports 

Note:  Any open campaign committee (excluding judicial candidates) that was not required to file a post primary report is required to file a semi-annual report detailing contributions and expenditures from the date of the last report filed through deadline.

General/Primary Election Reports 

Note:  If the candidate has contributions or expenditures of $1000.00 or more, a pre-elections report must be filed detailing contributions and expenditures from the date of the last report filed through the deadline.

Post Election Report 

Note:  All candidates (unless a waiver is filed) must file a post elections report detailing contributions and expenditures from the date of the last report filed through seven days prior to the date of filing.

Annual Report 

Note:  Any campaign committee which was not required to file a post general election report must file an Annual report.

For candidate information please go to the  Campaign Finance  page on the Secretary of State's website.  There you will find all of the forms you need to file.   If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Board of Elections office at 937-642-2836.