Board Members & Meeting Schedule

Union County Board of Elections

2023 Meeting Schedule

January 12-13, 2023 Winter ConferenceNo Meeting due to Winter SOS Conference
February 7th1:00pmBoard Meeting
March 2nd 1:00pmBoard Meeting
April 4th1:00pmBoard Meeting
May 2nd6:30amPrimary Election
May 16th9:00amOfficial Canvass
June 6th9:30amSpecial Board Meeting to conduct the business of the Board
June 13th9:00am
Special Board Meeting-Protest Hearing
July 11th1:00pmBoard Meeting
August 8th6:30amSpecial Election
August 16th9:00am
Provisional Ballot Meeting/Discussion of Protest Letter
August 21st
9:00amOfficial Canvass and Petition Certification/Board Meeting
August 23rd
Special Board Meeting-Protest Hearing
October 3rd1:00pmBoard Meeting
November 7th6:30amGeneral Election
November 15th
Provisional Ballot Meeting - Cancelled
November 20th9:00amOfficial Canvass/Board Meeting
December 5th1:00pmBoard Meeting
December 22nd
Petition Certifications for March Primary

Board Members

Dean E. Cook, Chair
William C. Steele

Gary J. Lee
Barbara A. Luke

Director, Brandon Clay 
Deputy Director, Michelle Forrider