Union County, Ohio

OPERS / Medicare


Q. Will OPERS retirees have the opportunity to meet with One Exchange representatives in person?

A. No, all conversations with One Exchange are only by phone.

Q. Do retirees have to use One Exchange?

A. Yes, when they enroll in plans (Med Sup, Part D or Medicare Advantage). If they decline, they will not have access to the reimbursement account. OSHIIP volunteers will help explain Medigap, Part D and Advantage to OPERS retirees but should NOT enroll any OPERS retirees. Enrollment via any source other than One Exchange negates the Health Reimbursement.

Q. Will every plan be available?

A. No, not every Medigap, Part D and Medicare Advantage plan will be offered by One Exchange. OPERS retirees can only pick from the plans contracted by One Exchange.

Q. What if retirees did not pay into Medicare Part A?

A. Employees who did not pay into Medicare Part A will pay the Part A premium ($407 a month for most) which is reimbursed 100% for retiree and 50% for spouse.

Q. Will One Exchange call on the day of the scheduled personal enrollment appointment?

A .No, it is the OPERS retiree's responsibility to call One Exchange the day of their appointment.

*Additional questions should be directed to the OPERS hotline 1-800-222-7377



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