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Medicare Savings Program  can help pay Medicare Premiums or co-pays. Make an appointment with the    Department of Job and Family Services  937.644.1010 to apply.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Finder  - Contact Union County Senior Services to make a free personal appointment for enrollment information 937.644.1010.

Need help finding the best deal on a Medicare Supplement?  The supplements are regulated by the Ohio Department of Insurance.  Contact OSHIIP  for unbiased information and a list of Medicare Supplement Programs available in Ohio.   

Non-biased comparison of Medicare Advantage Plans,  You may also schedule an individual appointment with a Senior Services to review Medicare plans.  937-644-1010 Option 5.  


Sign up for Medicare Prescription Drug Extra Help for lower income seniors   You may be eligible for help with your prescription costs! The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) allows an ongoing enrollment period for the Medicare Part D benefit for those who meet these qualifications.   Call the OSHIIP - certified staff of the Union County Senior Services to schedule your free appointment 937.644.1010 or visit the   Social Security website   to apply yourself. 

 Union County Senior Services Prescription Drug Assistance Program    The Union County Senior Services Prescription Assistance Program has been established to help meet the rising demands of prescription drug costs for Union County Seniors age 60 and over who do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare Extra Help, but who are unable to afford the prescription drugs they need.  In addition to this program, the Union County Senior Services will work with seniors to explore a variety of other programs that are available to help them with their prescription drug costs. If you are finding it difficult to pay for the prescriptions that are prescribed for you by your doctor, call 937.644.1010. 

 Pharmaceutical Company Discount and Patient Assistance Programs Database Links    Have a list of your medications ready to input and search for programs available by drug. 

Partnership for Prescription Assistance 
Rx Hope 
Rx Outreach 
Patient Advocate Foundation  (provides help for patients diagnosed with specific diseases)
Patient Access Network  (provides help for patients diagnosed with specific diseases)

 State Discount Plans  

Golden Buckeye Ohio's Best Rx

 In-Store Promotions and Discounted Drug list  

Wal-Mart   - select generic drugs $4 

Kroger   - select generic drugs $4 

Giant Eagle   - select generic drugs $4 

Meijer   - select antibiotics free