General Information

CRC Mission

Our MISSION is to provide trauma-informed care to address the unique needs of adolescents we serve while building on their strengths and resiliency throughout treatment.
SDU Mission
Our MISSION is to provide trauma-informed care while building on the adolescent’s strengths and initiating a positive life change.
Our PHILOSOPHY is to bridge the gap between trauma and delinquency and understand that trauma is often the root of many behaviors. We build on strengths that promote resiliency and encourage adolescents to take control of their lives.

The Central Ohio Youth Center (COYC) is a 38-bed, five county district (Champaign, Delaware, Logan, Madison and Union) joint juvenile detention facility.  

 Location:  The Center is located at 18100 State Route 4, approximately ½ mile north of State Route 33 in Marysville, Ohio.

 Communication:  Upon admission to COYC, residents are permitted to make one five-minute telephone call to their custodial parent(s)/legal guardian.  After this initial call, residents are permitted one phone call per week until they achieve higher levels.  Residents are permitted to receive telephone calls from probation/parole officers, attorneys and Children’s Services caseworkers.

 Letters to residents at COYC will be opened by detention officers and checked for contraband.  Residents will be provided two stamps per week until they reach higher levels.  Outgoing and incoming mail is censored as deemed necessary by the Superintendent for security reasons.

 Visitation:  Visitation is restricted to parents/legal guardians and is limited to 20 minutes unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent.  Visitation is on the following days and times:

                                    Tuesday                                   6:00pm-7:00pm

                                    Saturday                                  9:00am-10:00am

                                    Sunday                                    9:00am-10:00am

Probation/parole officers may visit any day without an appointment.  All other visitors must have an appointment and the approval of the placing agency to visit.

 Assessment Services:  A variety of assessment instruments are utilized to determine each resident’s risks and needs.  Information from these assessments is utilized to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Educational Services:  All residents are required to attend school while at COYC, even if they have dropped out, have a GED, or have graduated.  COYC is an authorized GED test site. 

Program Services:  CRC residents are required to participate in programs, groups, and activities.  The program builds on cognitive-behavioral techniques (CBT), motivational enhancement therapy (MET), risk factors management, relapse prevention, and social learning concepts.  The program targets criminal thinking errors and teaches the Stop-Think-Act method for changing these thought patterns.

Clinical Services:  CRC residents are assigned a therapist upon admission.  The therapist develops a case management plan, and provides individual and family therapy.  Each CRC resident receives individual therapy at least once per week.  The frequency and duration of family therapy sessions is determined on a case-by-case basis. 

COYC’s Health Care Coordinator conducts initial health screens and sick call. The Health Care Coordinator also checks residents when illnesses and/or injuries have been reported, and refers them to COYC’s on-site physician for further evaluation if necessary.

Clothing:  All residents are required to wear COYC uniforms.  Clean clothing is provided daily, and clean bed linens are provided at least weekly.


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Hotline

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Resources


The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Union County Master Gardeners

LGBT National Help Center 888-843-4564

National Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255 or 988

Kaleidoscope Youth Center 614-292-5437 (10-18)