Marriage Licenses

To obtain a Marriage License, applicants can initiate their application in person or online. Regardless of how you initiate your application, both applicants are required by law to appear in person before the Probate Court to obtain their marriage license . When the applicants appear for their appointment, the Deputy Clerk will review all information and documentation, and if in order, administer the oaths and issue the marriage license. Licenses expire 60 days from the date of issue, therefore do not schedule your appointment more than 60 days prior to your ceremony.  The marriage license is effective immediately and lasts for 60 days.  The Court suggests that you schedule your appointment no later than one day prior to your ceremony.

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Marriage Licenses
To Make An Appointment

ALL marriage license applicants should MAKE AN APPOINTMENT either via the online Application and Appointment Scheduling link or CALL AHEAD to the Office of the Probate Clerk at (937) 645-3029 Ext. 3405.

When you call ahead:

1. Schedule an appointment for both applicants to be present at the Clerk’s Offices with the documentation listed under Requirements for Application (below) prepared for processing.
 2. Via phone, our clerks will verify the contents of the application and discuss whether the documentation you intend to present is sufficient to complete the application.

When you arrive in the Clerk’s Office, please follow the clerk’s directions as to the submission of paperwork and social distancing.

Probate Division Clerk's Office, Union County Courthouse
 215 West Fifth Street, Room B06, Marysville, Ohio 43040

(Parking and entrance are on Sixth Street; office is on the basement/ground level of the Courthouse)

*If both applicants are non-Ohio residents, but the ceremony venue is in Union County, please call the Probate Court Clerk's Office for modified requirements: (937) 645-3029 ext. 3405.

eMarriage Online Marriage License Appointment Scheduling NOW AVAILABLE.

Requirements for Application

Please read the following requirements to apply for a marriage license. If you do not have all of this documentation, the application cannot be processed and will be delayed until the information is provided.

Both applicants shall appear at the Office of the Probate Clerk and provide ALL the following documentation:

1. A completed Union County Marriage Application.  Print this application, complete the application and bring the hard copy with you.  If you are unable to complete or print the document, there are copies available in the Clerk's office.  If you completed the online application via the eMarriage webpage, you do not need to print off a copy of the Application.

2. Proof of Residence in Union County, such as a piece of mail, checkbook, utility bill with the name and address of at least one applicant. One applicant must reside in Union County for Union County to process the application.

a. If both applicants are non-Ohio residents, but the ceremony venue is in Union County, please call the Probate Court Clerk's Office for modified requirements.

3. One hard copy of any and all Final Decrees of Divorce or Dissolution issued that terminated any prior marriages for either applicant.

4. One hard copy of any state-certified Death Certificate of a deceased spouse(s), if an applicant is a widow/widower.

5. Government-issued proof of age, such as birth certificate, valid driver’s license, or passport (see R.C. 3101.05 for full list).

6. Fee of $60.00 payable by cash, personal check, credit or debit card, cashier’s check or money order.

a. There is an additional $2.00 processing fee for credit and debit card transactions.

The marriage license is valid for 60 days.

Online Marriage License Application

eMarriage Online Marriage License Applications & online Appointment Scheduling NOW AVAILABLE

Online Marriage Application instructions

Follow the link to eMarriage Application:

1.    Enter all of your personal information.  Hold the cursor over the fill-in boxes for tips on completion

2.    Schedule an appointment for both applicants to personally appear together in the Probate Clerk’s Office to complete the application process.  Do not schedule your appointment more than 60 days or less than 1 week prior to your ceremony. 

3.    After successful submission through the portal, the system will generate an email with your confirmation number and verification of your appointment date and time. Bring all Required Information listed in the email to the appointment. If you need to reschedule the appointment, call the Clerk’s Office at (937) 645-3029 Ext. 3405.  

4.    The application fee is $60.00 and is payable by cash, personal check, money order, and/or credit/debit card (convenience fee will apply) at the time of your appointment. 

5.    If either party is a minor, you may not pre-register online.

If you have any questions, you may call the Probate Division at (937) 645-3029 ext. 3405.  Thank you.

Printable Marriage License Application

Marriage License Application Union County (printable form)

Who Can Perform Marriage

Only the following may solemnize a marriage in Ohio that is not otherwise prohibited by law:

  • An ordained or licensed minister of a religious society or congregation who is also licensed with the Ohio Secretary of State to perform marriages; 
  • A Judge; 
  • A Mayor of a municipal corporation; or
  • The Superintendent of the State School for the Deaf.

 To find out in advance of your ceremony if your minister is registered with the Ohio Secretary of State, call (877) 767-6446 or visit: and click “search licensed ministers.”


If either applicant is seventeen (17) years old, the minor may be issued a marriage license only with consent of the Juvenile Court and following a 14-day waiting period after the Juvenile Court issues the order of consent.  The 17-year-old may not marry an individual more than four (4) years, to the day, older than the 17-year-old.  A minor less than 17 years old cannot marry in Ohio.   At the time of the filing of their marriage license application, a minor must provide verification that they received marriage counseling.  Please contact the Probate Court Clerk’s Office for further information.

Marriage Records
Marriage Record Request Form

To request a copy of a marriage record, please complete and submit the following form with the appropriate fee:

Marriage Records Request Form (fillable form for written requests)

Marriage Records 1820 to present

Marriage Records 1820 to present are available for search: 

  • Licenses issued prior to May 28, 1996 are stored physically
  • Licenses issued May 28, 1996 to present are stored digitally
  • Charge of $2.00 for a certified copy