Dog Warden


 In 1927, the Ohio General Assembly passed an act creating the office of county dog warden.  In each county the board of county commissioners assumed authority to create the office of dog warden if they deemed it necessary and to appoint a dog warden and deputy dog wardens as they saw fit.  In Union County the county commissioners created the position of dog warden on August 22, 1927.  The board resolved that “whereas, it is deemed necessary by the County Commissioners to appoint and employ a County Dog Warden and Deputy County Dog Wardens if necessary to enforce the provisions of the General Code…” 

  Union County Dog Wardens  

 Fred Bolenbaugh   (1927-1930)   Edward S. Bright   (1959-1966) 
 Frank Mulvaine   (1930-1937)   George Bright   (1966-1971) 
 Bert Dildine   (1937-1937)   Roger M. Butz   (1971-1973) 
 Homer T. Dodge   (1937-1938)   Steven Wagner   (1973-1974) 
 William E. Zolman   (1938-1951)   Delmas Clevenger   (1974-1976) 
 Fred Bolenbaugh   (1951-1955)   Amer Dodge   (1976-1988) 
 Ralph Bolenbaugh   (1955-1955)   Paul Henning   (1988-1992) 
 C.C. Applegate   (1955-1957)   Jim Houston   (1992-1999) 
 William F. Grauman   (1957-1957)   Joab S. Scott   (1999-2006) 
 Donald Diehl   (1957-1958)   Mary Beth Andrascik   (2007-2017) 
 George Bright   (1958-1959)   Deputy Pete Lenhardt (2017-Present)


 The responsibilities of the dog warden have changed little since the inception of the office.  The dog warden was given charge of enforcing the provisions of Ohio law relative to the licensing of dogs, the impounding and destruction of unlicensed dogs, and the payment of compensation to owners of livestock for damages inflicted by dogs.  The dog warden currently works in conjunction with the local Humane Society in finding homes for stray dogs and works with the county auditor in licensing and registering dogs in the county. 


  Dog Pound Records                            (1927-1967)