Administrative Division


The Administrative Division is established to facilitate and monitor the agency's budgets and accounts, payroll, special duty requests, quartermaster, grant applications, quarterly and yearly reports, quarterly newsletters as well as the hiring processes.  The division consists of the Chief Deputy, Director of Administration, Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager, Accounts Payable and Administrative Assistant.

The Chief Deputy serves as second in command at the Sheriff’s Office and assists the Sheriff in managing the day to day operations of the Administrative, Patrol, Court Services, Communications, Investigations, and Support Services Divisions. The Chief Deputy is responsible for overseeing all policies and procedures, emergency planning, homeland security, the chaplain program, and internal affairs. He also serves as the agency EMS coordinator, terrorism liaison officer, and public information officer. 

The Administrative Division is supervised by a Director whose primary responsibility is to provide general management direction and control for the Administrative Division.  The Administrative Division's primary role is to establish, facilitate and monitor the agency's budgets and accounts.  The Administrative Division consist of an Accounts Payable Clerk and Administrative Assistant.  The Administrative Division Director will also oversee all special duty requests, quatermaster, grant applications, quarterly and yearly reports, quarterly newsletters.

The Executive Assistant to the Sheriff is also known as responsible for Human Resources functions for the UCSO.  The Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager maintains all personnel records, training records, leave balances for employees, back-up payroll clerk, manages the hiring process for all divisions, worker compensation issues, handles Family Medical Leave requests, and is responsible for the Random Drug Screening process.  The Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager also provides administrative support to the Sheriff and the Command Staff on a daily basis. Maintains the Sheriff's Office website, social media functions and is responsible for the agency annual report.

Responsible for all aspects of accounts payable - entering requisitions, processing purchase orders, placing orders and checking orders when received as well as maintaining vendor contacts.  Also, responsible for receiving, processing, verifying and reconciling invoices and sending payment to vendors.  The accounts payable clerk is additionally responsible for maintaining the accounts payable records and inventory.  

Responsible for all functions pertaining to data entry and filing for training files, inventory and quatermaster, special duty details, greeting and assisting the public on a routine basis, answering phones, operating the mail machine, assisting with minutes during meetings, cross trained to assist with Accounts Payable.